What is Clixsense?

Now, for people who don’t know, Clixsense is a website in the Paid-to-Click (PTC) industry. PTC is a program where people can earn money by viewing advertisements, usually 30 seconds. Members can also earn more by referring people to such websites.

PTC websites are like middle man of the people who wanted to earn online and businessmen who wanted a sure view of their websites, businesses, and many more.

Based on statistics, almost 90% of websites in the industry are scam or will turn into scam. Maybe, because, of the easy ways to make websites; and availability of PTC hosting and platforms.

The question is, is Clixsense a scam? Does Clixsense really pay money?

Clixsense is one of those pioneers in the industry.  It is established in 2007 and have withstood the demands of the business. When Clixsense started the trend, there are websites opened catering the same program. However, they are unable to respond with the demand and eventually they are gone with the wind. Taking away all the money and efforts that members made.

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