Is Clixsense Scam?

You are here in this website looking for some answers about the money-making-opportunity you saw, and wanted to make sure if this website is a scam or not. Just like me, way back before, you looked for concrete answer around the internet about Clixsense and failed. So, here I am not making it hard for newbies like you.

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This will be a full review of the website. Expect some negatives here. If you are not ready to feed some negatives, you can freely click the “x” button.

What is Clixsense?

Now, for people who don’t know, Clixsense is a website in the Paid-to-Click (PTC) industry. PTC is a program where people can earn money by viewing advertisements, usually 30 seconds. Members can also earn more by referring people to such websites.

PTC websites are like middle man of the people who wanted to earn online and businessmen who wanted a sure view of their websites, businesses, and many more.

Based on statistics, almost 90% of websites in the industry are scam or will turn into scam. Maybe, because, of the easy ways to make websites; and availability of PTC hosting and platforms.

The question is, is Clixsense a scam? Does Clixsense really pay money?

Clixsense is one of those pioneers in the industry.  It is established in 2007 and have withstood the demands of the business. When Clixsense started the trend, there are websites opened catering the same program. However, they are unable to respond with the demand and eventually they are gone with the wind. Taking away all the money and efforts that members made.

Ways To Earn Via Clixsense

Clixsense is one of the most profitable PTC program in the world as they feature more ways than any other PTC sites.

Here are the ways to earn via Clixsense:

Viewing Ads

When you view ads via Clixsense, and waited for the timer to finish, you’ll earn from .001 to .02 dollars. The time varies on the advertising package availed by the advertiser. If you’ll rely with this method, you won’t earn that much.

Referral’s PTC Ad Views

When your referrals viewed advertisements, you will also earn. Despite the earnings are quite little, just imagine having hundreds of referrals clicking ads everyday.

The Matrix System

There is something in Clixsense that is missing to other PTC sites. It is the Matrix System.

Matrix System is a program that lets a member earn a commission once their referral/s upgraded. What’s more amazing you can also earn via your referral’s referral up to the eight levels deep.

This is quite more profitable for upgraded members. If upgraded, you can earn $2 with your first referral and $1 to the second up to eight. And, take note, it’s unlimited.

Standard members (free) will only earn via their first level referrals.

Matrix system is the way where we will earn the most. Just imagine the earnings you’ll have once you got referrals that are going to work very hard.

Referrals Signup

This one is a bonus to the people who work their as**s out and will always try to have referrals. You will earn commission once you Clixsense is convinced that your referrals is active.

Advertising Sales

Whenever your referrals bought advertising packages, you will earn commission. However, there are limits. For standards, it is $50 while for upgraded members it is $100.

Both type of membership can earn 10% of the sales.


Earn money by performing tasks. You will also earn commission once your referrals perform tasks.

The tasks came from Crowd Flower and Clixsense.


This is a game where you will click anywhere into a picture and if you are lucky enough you will uncover the advertisement that has cash.

People can win up to $10 USD. I won more than thrice in the game, but haven’t won as high as $1.00.

How to Cashout?

Way back, it’s quite hard to cash out to Clixsense, because they only pay via check. Now, with the help of online processors like Paypal and Payza, people around the world can easily get their money.

Clixsense pay every Monday and Friday. Here in the Philippines, the payment usually arrive via the online processors on Tuesday morning and Saturday morning.


Bad Side and Good Side of Clixsense

Clixsense is not a perfect website. It also has its flaws and negatives. Especially now that Clixsense is quite popular, many people including the veterans in online marketing industry are also into it. That’s why, the competition is quite tough.

Clixsense, just like any other PTC sites are quite vulnerable. A worst-case-scenario might still happen. What if there are no more advertisers in the field? Despite it is almost impossible for Clixsense to lost client, it may still occur.

Free members don’t much have opportunities to earn more.

Despite of the negatives, we should still rejoice with the good side. If you are just willing to spend some times promoting your affiliate links, unlimited income is almost at your reach.

The force matrix alone can make you earn a living.

Clixsense and its owners have proven themselves that they are worthy of dealing with. They used to balance the benefits with the members and clients. Members can earn by viewing ads, but they should be focused. Once you removed the browser the timer will stop and will resume after you went back, a feature assuring the clients.

Also, as far as I know, Clixsense just signed a contract with several businessmen all over the world. This is for advertising partnership. So, we can rest assure that Clixsense will never run out of ads.


If you’ll search all over the internet, Clixsense has never scammed someone. None of the members claimed that it failed to pay them.

Clixsense will never stay alive and kicking for six years now if they are not into serious business. They leveled in to the competition, they innovate, accepted change, became creative and mostly heard the voices of each and every members to come up with solutions to problems.

Clixsense is a highly recommended website. You should become a member now, work hard to earn referrals and months from now, you’ll see. You are earning without putting too much efforts.